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" I am  grateful  for this award because it helps spread the CBD  word so that more children with ASD may benefit". 


Dr Haris Karnezi

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A Greek academic leads a revolutionary method to help children with autism overcome their fears

Research by Greek academic Dr Haris Karnezi in collaboration with Dr Kevin Tierney of Trinity College Dublin has been declared groundbreaking in helping children with autism overcome their fears.


Neos Kosmos, Australia's leading Greek community newspaper covers our recently published research study on childhood fears with the American Psychological Association (APA), Practice Innovations Journal, Issue: December 2021 DOI: 10.1037/ Pri0000160

Cognitive Behaviour Drama: An Innovative Intervention Model for Children and Adolescents on the High End of the Autism Spectrum
I really despise the ones who describe aspies as “loners.” Okay, some aspies are loners. I’m to bet that for a lot of us out there, we’re only loners by default. You say loner, I say outcast. What’s the difference? A loner chooses to be alone; an outcast is there by the choices of others.”  
Contrary to popular belief that people with autism prefer to be alone, rather than in the company of others; most high functioning individuals with autism and Asperger syndrome are desperate to make friends and fit in.

The  Irish Psychologist published an outstanding report on the Cognitive Behaviour Drama workshop held at Trinity College Dubln


Cognitive Behavioural Drama represent a natural, engaging and fun way for children/ adolescents with High Functioning Autism/ Asperger’s to learn new skills and to address specific areas of concern fears/ phobias. . The framework underpinning CBD has a strong theoretical base and the preliminary research proves promising.

Novel Intervention to Address Fears in Children with Asperger Syndrome:

A Pilot Study of the Cognitive Behaviour Drama (CBD)  


This article introduces a new intervention model designed to address phobic avoidances in children with Asperger syndrome, incorporating principles and techniques from cognitive and behaviour therapy into the art form of drama. (Research publication)

Cognitive Behaviour Drama:


An Innovative Intervention Model that Combines Established Psychological Methods with the Art Form of Drama to Provide Young Children on the Autism Spectrum with the Motivation and Confidence to Overcome Their Fears.  (Research publication)                                    

Breakthrough learning for autistic children



The Cognitive Behavioural Drama Model is based on the Drama Education Model, which was developed by Dorothy Heathcote in the 1970s- a form of drama involving on problem solving. However Dr Karnezi takes it a step further by integrating cognitive behaviour therapy to positively reinforce social interaction and address the specific difficulties that the child might have.


Drama’s classy results in West


Western Autistic School principal Val Gill said the group of primary school boys engaged in the program were loving the lessons and teachers were also keen to adopt the methods.



Innovative model developed for autism reaches the United States


An innovative intervention model for children with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, developed by Greek scientist Haris Karnezi will be presented in the States.

Autism program finds home in Greece


The centre is dedicated to offering children on the higher end of the autism spectrum the opportunity to benefit from a unique social skills program that merges together the science of psychology with the art form of drama. It is also offering training on the CBD model to professionals in the field of autism.

Greek scientist Haris Karnezi will will visit Australia for a third time



invited by an Australian university to teach its students how theater can be used as a way to treat autism. 

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