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Dr. Haris Karnezi  was born and raised in Athens. He studied acting at the Athens Drama School of Giorgos Theodosiadis and worked professionally as an actor for ten years. He obtained a Masters (MA) in 'Theatre in Education' from the University of Central England in Birmingham and did a PhD with a scholarship in the psychology department of university of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin. During her thesis, she studied the needs of children with high-functioning autism and Asperger's syndrome and designed a new educational model for these children, the "Cognitive Behavioral Drama" (CGD) that combines the art of theater with principles from cognitive and behavioral therapies.


For her study, she was funded by the Irish State Council for Special Education, while at the same time she was awarded the postgraduate research award of the University of Dublin. In Greece, she was honored with the Woman Scientist of the Year award, from the Lymberis group. She presented the results of her study at international conferences in Ireland, Australia, America and Mexico. She also taught her method to psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and special education teachers in Ireland, Australia, America and Greece. He has given lectures and seminars at Newman College in Birmingham, England, New York University (NYU)  and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, while he has solid collaborations with special schools both in Australia and in Ireland where the GDPR applies. So far he has worked on a regular basis with over 300 children on the autism spectrum in Ireland, Australia and Greece. In 2016 he collaborated with the House of Letters and Arts, where he designed and implemented 3 educational programs for parents and children on the topic of managing emotions (anger, sadness, fear). In 2017 he collaborated with the Municipal Theater of Piraeus in the first part of the trilogy for the good story "LOVE". He is a member of the Society of Greek Actors (SEH) and the Autism Theater Research Network.


Evi Andrianou She is a permanent partner of the Center for Cognitive Behavioral Drama since 2012 where she completed her training at the Greek Academy of Sciences. She is a graduate of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens - Department of Education in Preschool with specialization in Special Education - as well as the "Mary Vogiatzi Traga" Higher School of Dramatic Art. He has simultaneously studied classical piano, harmony and singing at the G. Politopoulos and Nea Techni conservatories.


She has worked as a responsible kindergarten teacher in private kindergartens in Attica and has collaborated with the Center for Intercultural Education of the University of Athens (KEDA) in research programs such as "Education of Roma Children" and educational actions in camps. As an actor, he has collaborated with Thessalian Theatre, Day Theatre, Under the Bridge Theater and Enastro Theatre. While as assistant director and scenographer, he has collaborated with the Limbury Theater Covent Garden, the House of Letters and Arts, the Concert Hall, the Athens Festival, Mavromichalis Studio and the Art Theatre.

He is a founding member of the paperdollwise group where he designs and implements educational programs in museums, theaters, schools, cultural spaces (Industrial Museum of Light Gas/Technopolis, Benaki Museum, Museum of Greek Gastronomy, Center of the Earth).


THEJohn Philippouis an actor and theater teacher. She has graduated from the Higher School of Dramatic Art "THEMELIO" of N. Bastardis and has attended acting, dance, and children's theater seminars at the Porta theater of Xenia Kalogeropoulos.


Since 2005, he has been working non-stop in theater and television, while at the same time he works as an animator of a theatrical game and a teacher of theater education in public schools, kindergartens, theater workshops and creative employment centers.


As an actor, he has constant collaborations with the "Periaktoi" theater, the children's theater group "Magikes Svoures" by Dimitris Adamis, the "paperdollwise" group and the "splish-splash" group which specializes in silent-body theater. He is also a coach at G.A.S. Huts in the sport of rope skipping. He has been working with the Cognitive Behavioral Drama Center since 2015, when he completed his training in the GSD method.

THEAnna Haniotiis a partner of the Center for Cognitive Behavioral Drama (CGD) since 2016 where she completed her training at the CGD. She is a graduate of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens -Department of Elementary Education- as well as the Higher School of Dramatic Art , Delos "Dimitra Hatoupi". He has attended seminars and has been trained in the field of Special Education. He has also been involved in sports, dance, physical theater, mask use and singing, as well as designing and implementing educational programs for schools.
She has worked as a teacher of standard class, class reception, parallel support and drama education in public and private schools of Attica. As an actor, he has collaborated with the Athens Festival, the Piraeus Municipal Theater, Bios, the Contemporary Theater, the 104 theater, the Argo theater, the metamatic taf, the urban dig project group, the Bob Theater Festival, the Athens Fringe Festival _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and the Experimental Stage of the National Theatre, as part of a special Festival. He has also worked as an assistant director.

THEAthena Stamoulisis a special educator, a graduate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy & Psychology majoring in Psychology. He has completed  postgraduate training in “Special Education and Inclusion in Education” at the “University of Sunderland” in the United Kingdom and has attended special education seminars as well as alternative means of communication (PECS, MAKATON, Braille). She is trained in acting at Day Theater as well as basic principles of psychodrama and has completed training in Cognitive Behavioral Drama. He has studied classical piano and harmony and is involved in dancing.

She works as a special educator cooperating with private intervention centers providing individual support to children on the autism spectrum as well as in social skills strengthening groups. In addition,  she works as a parallel support teacher. She has volunteered as a theater game animator in the organization of UNICEF events.

THEKonstantina Psomadelliis a graduate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - Department of Physical Education and Sports Education - specializing in Adapted Kinesiology.

She has worked as the manager of the "THE MYTH OF ARIADNIS" Center in Dafni, and manager and supervisor at the "SPRING" Center in Agia Paraskevi. He has been working  privately for ten years with children with mental retardation, movement problems, DiGeorge syndrome, as well as children on the autism spectrum.

He has completed his training in Cognitive Behavioral Drama and since 2015 has been a partner of the GSD Center.

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THEManolis Dragatsis has studied classical singing and is a graduate of the Veaki Higher Drama School. He has worked as an actor for about fifteen years on major state stages - mainly in the National Theater and has served different theatrical genres such as opera, musical theater, ancient tragedy, Attic_cc781 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_comedy and the children's theater in works of modern drama. He has collaborated  with directors such as Minos Volanakis, Lefteris Vogiatzis, Vangelis Theodoropoulos and  Lydia Koniordou.


In recent years he has been working as a drama teacher at the primary school "Play School". In May 2018 he completed the training Cognitive Behavioral Drama.

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