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Cognitive Behavior Drama

An innovative intervention model for children with communication, behavior difficulties, ADHD, high functioning autism, Asperger's syndrome, selective mutism.

Cognitive Behavior Drama(CBD) is a research based intervention model developed by Dr Haris Karnezi under the supervision of Dr Kevin Tierney at Trinity College Dublin, and supported by the Irish National Council for Special Education.

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Dr Haris Karnezi  

PhD, Trinity College Dublin School of Psychology


Dr Haris Karnezi, founder/director of the Cognitive Behavior Drama Center in Athens had been working as a professional actress and drama facilitator for 10 years prior to her engagement in the research on autism. During the course of her PhD she developed a unique intervention model for high functioning children with autism and Asperger syndrome that merges together the science of psychology...

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Η Χάρις Καρνέζη Γυναίκα Επιστήμων της Χρονιάς 2009



Upcoming trainings, Athens 2023

14 May 2023 CBD Masterclass with prof. Tony Attwood

Tony.jpg 2015-10-7-19:54:16 2015-10-15-22:14:46

Professor  Tony  Attwood, world -renowned  expert  in the field of autism, endorses Cognitive Behavior Drama.


Interview on the National TV about the CBD method.


Interview on the National TV, ERT 2019


Woman of the Year 2009

Science Award

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