2009 Asia Pacific Autism Conference



The 2009 Asia Pacific Autism Conference(APAC 2009) was held from 20 - 22 August 2009 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Sydney. The conference was highly successful, and attracted over 1600 delegates from all over the globe. Important issues about Autism Spectrum Disorders were covered in a diverse

programme of presentations that included personal stories, intervention strategies, and research on the cause of autism. Dr Haris Karnezi participated in the conference with three presentations:

A workshop: An introduction to a Drama in Education model specifically designed to address the needs of high functioning children with autism. [Karnezi, H., Tierney, K.]

An Oral Presentation: A novel intervention devised to address the needs of high functioning children with autism, based on the principles of Drama in Education, Cognitive and Behaviour theories. [Karnezi, H., Tierney, K.]

A Poster: Drama as a method to address fears in high functioning children with autism.
[Karnezi, H., Tierney, K.]

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